Friday, September 11, 2009

Friends Amarilli Nizza and Frank Porretta in Puccini's IL TABARRO

 (Amarilli Nizza, photo Copyright © Marinetta Saglio)
An exemplary scene (below) from Giacomo Puccini's Il Tabarro from the Teatro Massimo, Palermo (May 2008). I am honored that it features two of my friends, the marvelous Italian soprano, Amarilli Nizza, a true spinto of the rarest tradition in today's musical landscape, and the equally wonderful Italian-American tenor, Frank Porretta. You don't often get to hear singing of this quality in the current era... wow!!!

9-11 Remembered In Tribute to My Late Father


(My late father, Frank Ufert, in Korea, circa 1953, in his United States Armed Forces/Military Police uniform)
We didn't lose my father, Frank Ufert, on 9-11; he passed away approximately one month ago (July 24, 2009). He was, however, directly affected by the tragedy--he was what is now called a "9-11 Survivor."